Why join us?

Created in late 2015 by Pierre-Antoine Capton, Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pigasse, Mediawan soon became one of the main independent European studios producing premium content, which allows us to be a key partner for the largest broadcasters and platforms globally, as well as operators in France, Belgium and Africa.

Joining Mediawan will give you the opportunity to play a role in creating, distributing and broadcasting of the top series and movies of fiction and animation, but also documentaries, in Europe, and promote this European content globally, at a time when the demand has never been higher. 

We have the ambition to bring together best-in-class talents in audiovisual creation and allow them to reveal their full potential. The Group, which is expanding internationally, also offers many opportunities to work on European coproduction projects.

Our culture


we encourage creativity at all levels within the Group and bring together the most talented producers in the market, while granting them a broad artistic independence


we are a collective of AV enthusiasts, with a strong entrepreneurial culture


we create, distribute and broadcast premium audiovisual content, as a source of emotion and entertainment


we want to share our original, committed vision of world with the broader community


we fight against all types of discriminations, on the screen just like at work


in a fast-moving industry, we contribute to inventing the contents of tomorrow

How to apply

You can browse existing job offers on Linkedin submit a spontaneous application on applications@mediawan.eu